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Underhand Throws


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The links below have been reviewed by KidsInclusive staff; however we are not responsible for the contents of the links provided. Links are provided to assist families in learning as much as they can while they wait for their assessment and beyond. Many thanks to the various organizations we have linked to.
These links do not replace the advice of doctors and therapists. Always consult with your therapist if you have questions or concerns.


Cosmic Kids Yoga – 15-20 minute Yoga videos, put to a story or a theme. Modify the positions for your child as they need.

Head and Shoulder Sing Along with actions.


Coordination Challenge! – Coordination challenge for your child! If your child isn’t able to stand or run on the spot, have them just work on the arm movements in sitting. Or if using both arms is too tricky, try having them do 1 arm at t time.


This jumping activity works on 2 foot jumps and coordination of feet. Modify it for your child – maybe you’re working on 2 foot jumps or give your child a challenge of hops or alternating between 2 foot and 1 foot hops. This idea could even be used to work on taking steps in your child’s walker – have them step along the foot prints on the floor!

This activity works on Early Ball Skills, targeting and hand-eye coordination. Set up – put a big piece of tape, sticky side up along your surface, then have your child roll a ball along the table to see if they can get it to sit. Modify it for your child – this can be done from sitting at the table in their chair, or standing. Also can be modified by how far you get them to roll the ball before the tape – a shorter distance will be easier.

Jumping and balance activities that can be done with tape on the ground. Any tape will work – as long as it shows up on the floor! Great video for ideas, and you can modify for your child or do exactly as described.

Adapted Fitness

Join Paul Eugene for these fun and energetic chair workouts! These videos can be done in a chair, on a small bench or in your wheelchair. If you can, remove your wheelchair armrests to give you better clearance. Make sure that your breaks are on and use your lap belt if you need it!

Chair Exercise Fat Burner

Chair Workout Challenge

Who doesn’t love Justin Timberlake? Join this fun bunch and chair dance to “I’ve Got This Feeling”. Use a chair, small bench or your wheelchair to dance your heart out! If you can, remove your wheelchair armrests to give you better clearance. Make sure that your breaks are on and use your lap belt if you need it!

Check-out this link to the Special Olympics: School of Strength! You can choose from strength or cardio videos and have fun with these awesome world
champion athletes!

Exercise program for older child/teen in a chair or wheelchair. Exercises are performed by teens with spina bifida, however appropriate for many other children in wheelchairs!

Floor Movement Transitions

Videos featuring Stacey Menz, PT, DPT, PCS – founder of Starfish Therapies, California, USA.
** Please check with your child’s physiotherapist before attempting these exercises.

Repetition for skill mastery
Therapy ball to promote tummy time
Encouraging rolling – From back to stomach
Pivoting and reversing
Developing sitting balance
Sitting and reaching
Transitioning into Sitting
Transitioning into sitting – from the belly
Learning to commando crawl
Commando crawling – Development of refined movement